About Us

Ever since spending an early part of my childhood living under St. Boniface Down, Isle of Wight, I have always felt a close bond with the countryside, nature and of being outdoors.

Favourite subjects, Art and Geography at school progressed naturally to studying Landscape Architecture at Greenwich University. An all embracing profession of art, design, the environment, ecology, botany and so much more.

Simultaneously I became fascinated by abstraction in art and nature – of order, rhythm and pattern, form, scale, light and colour; all of which have influenced my art and design to this day.

A friend suggested that I should create a book of a cat as the main character instead of the trademark tiny black cat hidden in each of my drawings. Five years later this resulted in the publishing of my story and illustrations ‘Casper and the Secret Kingdom’ (1986) in the UK and USA.

Asking where do cats go – to snooze in the sun, or on exciting adventures to faraway places with dragons? The detailed ink and watercolour drawings of pictures within pictures, stories within stories are set in worlds of wild flora and fungi all to be found in the British Isles.

In early 2020 a chance workshop in the technique of linocut, unexpectedly triggered a spark; a new and exciting dimension to add to my artwork. The magic of the unforeseen in printing, the never ending combinations of colours possible with the oil based inks and the surprising detail that might be achieved opened a new path, now being explored.

A sequel book is in the planning too…

Welcome to my website, I hope you will enjoy sharing with me a journey through worlds of design, colour and natural beauty… with some escapism along the way.